There's an old saying that goes" people don't care what you know until they know that you care". So while I could give you the long list of my qualifications and accomplishments, I would rather just share with you a little about who I am, what makes me jump for joy and why working together will be a great experience for us both.

It was the diagnosis of a heart problem when I was 13 that took away my "sports dream" and replaced it with the hobby of photography. I have to be honest; at first I hated the idea because I was still sulking about sports. As adults, we understand that life can be hard and how important it is to stay committed even when things don't go our way. But as a young man, I hadn't figured this out yet. Years later, I was given the OK to play sports but it was a little too late for my “glory days”.

Having the wind knocked out of my sail, I still pursued a college degree in photography and eventually moved to NYC to become world famous :) Only 5 months into this venture I had the opportunity to purchase a studio in Mohawk, NY. $200 a week living in the city or owning my own business in the foothills of the Adirondacks. It was a no brainer!!

I quickly discovered that I loved the adventure of owning a business and with photography, I was only limited by my own imagination and commitment. What a change from the "physical limits" I had experienced as a boy.

Here's the irony of it all; a few years ago, I was photographing a heart specialist and in the course of our session, he suggested that I have some tests done to see how things are going (heart research has come a long way in 40 years). The end result? I have a great heart and there is absolutely no historical evidence that I ever had a heart problem! Wow! Did that ever hit me!!

I suppose that I could have felt some resentment but what really came over me was the incredible sense that my path had been God-directed. I don’t want this to sound goofy but with all my heart, I believe that I was created to be a photographer. Having a clarity of purpose brings with it a tremendous sense of contentment and in a way, I think it gives me the chance to help others get clear on why they are here.

That’s what I try to capture in my photography. Not just a flattering likeness of the subject portrayed but more the essence of who they are. So much is put on looks these days, and I understand that we all want to be attractive. But what really matters is what’s in your heart. That’s what people want to know about you and that’s the story I want to tell.

I hope our paths will cross...